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Java2html, providing color for source code

Java2html makes your code an in-color web page -- to use it just type
    java COM.stevesoft.pat.apps.java2html

The program creates files with .html appended to them that are suitable for viewing with web browsers. It also makes a link to the uncolored source code so that your source file can be downloaded and compiled.

If you want to apply the java2html program to an html file, it will search through a file with a name ending in .nocolor_html for regions delimited by <javacode> </javacode> tags and colorize only the region in between them and write out the new code to a file ending in ".html". The <javacode> tag accepts the width and border attributes.

// Putting code fragments in your documents is easy!

double x = r*Math.cos(theta);
double y = r*Math.sin(theta);

The file names provided to java2html will be interpreted as either source or destination files depending on the name (anything ending in .html is a destination file, .nocolor_html, .nocolor_java, .nocolor_jas, .nocolor_asp are source files).

This program also supports colorizing for the Jasmin language, and will colorize files ending in .jas or regions bracketted by <jascode></jascode> in a slightly different way.

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