Create PDF files with java.awt.Graphics
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Package com.stevesoft.phreida v1.5


  1. It is simple to use. If you know how to use java.awt.Graphics, you can now use that knowledge create PDF documents programmatically -- either from an application or servlet.

    Please take a look at these example files, and the output they produce. They will tell you everything you need to know to use this product:
    FileOutputDescription test1.pdf Just a "Hello, world" with a box around the words. test2.pdf FontMetrics was used to break up and print "Hello, World" using two different colors. test3.pdf This example demonstrates the use of outlines. test4.pdf This example demonstrates the use of graphics -- drawImage(), drawArc test5.pdf This example is the same as 4, but it uses clipping. test6.pdf This example is the same as 5, but it is written as a screen graphics application. Phreida is attached at the end to show how easy it is to add Phreida to your existing graphics application. test7.pdf This example gets a bounding box around each letter of text. barchartservlet.pdf This is an example of something that might be produced dynamically in a java servlet.

  2. Your existing applications can benefit. You can easily adapt your existing applications so that they will produce PDF documents.
  3. You can easily create multi-page documents and display outlines for them (the left-hand navigation in PDF).
  4. It is inexpensive. Buy Now!
Many companies don't want to tell you what their product can't do -- but that is not the case here.


  1. The setXORMode() method is not supported.
  2. The copyArea() method is not supported.
  3. The drawString(AttributedCharacterIterator,int,int) does nothing more than draw characters at this point in time.
  4. Create() methods currently return null.