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I was just getting the url of your site to pass on to someone, and I thought that I would email you to say that Pat is excellent and that you deserve a big pat on the back for writing it. You ask on your home page what would make people more likely to buy your package. For myself, all I can say is that I bought it because it's very easy to use and your documentation is wonderful (I particularly like the tutorial examples - thanks for putting in the time to create them. It really makes life easy especially if you're not a perl guru!) Other regex packages I tried were just too confusing and assumed a great deal of prior knowledge of perl. Also, the big clincher was that your price is exceedingly reasonable.

I have just written a piece of software called "InformAnt" ( which uses package Pat for all of its regular expression matching tasks. I have given you credit in my help files and I sincerely hope many people read the credit page and follow the link to your site to test and purchase Pat. :-) It's the handiest Java tool I ever bought :-)

I think you should have a "comments page" on your website - like a feedback page, where I can go and write a huge and glowing blah about how excellent Pat is and how everyone should be using it!

Finally, I only found out about Pat by chance when I read a recommendation for it by someone on a newsgroup, but are you on jars? Or or other java repositories where people go to look for java software and tools? Just a suggestion. :-)

Best Regards,

Kerry Beier