// Uncolored, plain source file:  trans.java
// <p> // An example file explaining how to use // com.stevesoft.pat, com.stevesoft.pat.wrap, // and com.stevesoft.pat.apps // <p> // This software comes without express or implied warranty. // No claim is made about the suitability of this software for // any purpose and neither we nor SteveSoft shall be liable for // damages suffered by the user of this software. import com.stevesoft.pat.*; import java.io.*;
public class trans { public static void main(String[] args) { // It is sometimes the case that you wish to make // many transformations on the same piece of text. // This is made easier by the Transformer. Transformer t = new Transformer(true); t.add(new String[] { "s/\\bspring\\b/summer/", "s/\\bsummer\\b/fall/", "s/\\bfall\\b/winter/", "s/\\bwinter\\b/spring/" });
// When this prints out, we find that the seasons have all // been replaced so that summer is the first mentioned and // sprint the last. System.out.println(t.replaceAll("The seasons undergo changes: " +"spring becomes summer, summer becomes fall, fall becomes " +"winter, and winter becomes spring again.")); } }